Monday, April 22, 2013


I just started a Twitter account and I have absolutely no idea why????  Here is the picture I posted as my profile pic

He is my beloved Tig-a-mah-jig (AKA Tigger), and given my current state of appearance (pj's, no bra, bead head, yesterday's makeup smeared down my face...I think I've painted the picture), I figured he was more appealing to look at. I am right though...on my best day, I am not anywhere nearly as wonderfully cute as he is. Were it not for this little guy (he's a behemoth, nearing 20lbs now), I'd probably see if I could rent a cage at the animal shelter til Mike got home from TN.

Bad things happen when my husband goes out of town on business. I warned him that when he gets back I may very well be a chain smoking, wino. His response to me was, "That's how I love ya... stinky and drunk".  What's more likely to happen is.... I'll stay in my pj's for a few days, maybe brush my teeth a few times, pace, eat large quantities of chocolate, go for a drive to see a baby donkey (still in pj's), pace, OH, I JUST REMEMBERED THE HEAVEN THAT IS ONLINE SHOPPING....I most certainly will do some of that! <insert wicked laughter

Husband, you've been gone about 4ish hours now and I miss you already, jerk (said with love and a frowny face). I love you.

I have lots of funny things to blog THE GROSSEST DAY OF MY LIFE....and, our 3 demonic cats, etc....  but I'm in a pokey lipped kinda mood and ya just can't rip off the funniest stories without the proper sentiment.

I think it may be time for a pill. I might be back for more tail tales when the meds kick in.

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