Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Ever read a Facebook post a page you've "Liked", or an item review, or an article and find yourself sucked into the inane and useless comments of other readers?  I can't stand the comments sections of pretty much everything.  For the most part, I try not to read them.  I do on occasion look and inevitably, invariably hate myself for doing it.  Typos, grammar mistakes, people thinking they're funny when they're not...these and other horrors abound when the public at large is allowed to comment.

As if online comments weren't bad enough online, some programs have also incorporated them into the show.  They'll have a header or footer streaming the useless thoughts of fans. They're never good.  They're never informative.  They're taking up screen space from the rest of the program.  I loathe the practice as a whole.

Here's a good example of the problem.  I subscribe to post from Marvel, the comic book company.  They recently asked the question, "What would you serve Galactus for dinner?".  Here are some of the mental gems that people felt needed to be puked on the internet, and my inner response:

"Uranus for lols" -- Are you 5?

"A few Earthwings ..." -- What the hell is an Earthwing?  You have a computer, therefore you have access to spell check.
"Better b something good & filling or planet Earth will b next!!! lol!!!" -- Just...die.

This isn't to say that anyone reading and feeling the urge to comment isn't welcome to do so.  Simply keep in mind that if you come across as a vapid dumbass, I'll probably let you know, or I'll just delete your post.

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