Thursday, April 11, 2013


My husband, Mike, works remotely (that means he works from home, for anyone who didn't already know what that meant). Anyway, I went into his office and he was on a conference call, which he muted so we could talk. I had our smallest, but by far the most hateful of our three cats on my lap when Mike said that there is a man on the call that sounded like he was from the Islands man.

Based on this information, and in an attempt to entertain him, I started singing Calypso music while making our furry ball of hatred do the hoola dance. Now, DAYLIGHT COME AND ME WANNA GO HOME is stuck in my is a vision of Moop (the cat), dancing in a coconut bikini and grass skirt.

I'm not sure how much I entertained Mike but.....I'm much happier now. As for the cat, well....she's always pissed off anyway.

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