Wednesday, April 10, 2013

TFC Toys

Today I became aware of the coolest thing to happen to Transformers since they were created.  TFC Toys, a company in China (as I understand it) has been working on repaints and upgraded designs of various Transformers.  I first saw them on Big Bad Toy Store and didn't know anything about them.  I saw them again while poking around for action figures and found their S.G. Perseus model, which is essentially a repaint of Devastator, the most awesome of all Decepticon gestalts.

I have the original Devastator and it pales in comparison to what TFC Toys is doing.  What they're doing is exactly what I wish the Transformers had been back in the 80's.  I always wanted to be able to move the arms and legs and pose Devastator.  Now I can..and can't.  I can in that the toys exist, and I can't because a full set costs $600!!  Hell no.

Still, their toys are undeniably awesome.

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