Thursday, May 2, 2013

The dangers of wet mascara and a bic left on a dashboard

I have two little amusing stories to tell, involving the same cousin. Her name will be changed of course, to protect her from embarrassment.

STORY 1 - One day my cousin (we'll call her Maggie), stopped at a red light and was putting on mascara while looking in her visor mirror. She only got her left set of lashes done before she was rear ended by a doctor, no less. Upon impact, Maggie's (not her real name), face went forward right into the visor. Can anyone guess what happened? No? OK, I'll tell you. When the wet mascara came in contact with the visor, it ripped everyone of her eyelashes out on the one eye! It looked like a mangled, smooshed spider stuck to her visor. For several months thereafter, Maggie (nope, not her real name), had to wear false lashes on the one eye.

STORY 2 - (Same cousin, different name. This time we'll call her Teddy) Teddy had spent a great length of time growing out her bangs to swoop across one eye (not the one without lashes), and down her face. They had finally grown to the right length, almost to her chin, and she was so happy with the way the style looked on her. Teddy (not her real name), was a smoker at the time and one day she decided to leave work early and go get everyone lunch. We all saw her walk out the door and then a few minutes later walked back in.....missing her beautiful, long bangs. Apparently, when Teddy (still not her real name), got in her car, she lit up a smoke with a bic lighter that had been sitting on her dashboard in the hot sun all day. And POOF....just like that, her beautiful long bangs went up in a smelly smoke of ashes.

* This is the same cousin that thought chicken fried steak was chicken.

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